Costa Rica Coffee House Welcomes Pets

Looking for a place to take your dog? The Pastelería Giacomin in Escazú welcomes pets, with tables in the garden so that they too can enjoy.

The coffee house chain recognizes the need of pet owners to enjoy a day with their pet, while having a delicious pastry, chocolate and coffee.

There are some rules, however. The pets must stay in the garden. Aggressive and dangerous pets are not permitted and pet owners are expected to pick up after their pets.

On its website, Giacomín places the responsibility of accident or attack with the owner of the pet and has the right to ask any pet owner to leave the premises in the event of an unruly pet.

A reminder that pets should not eat sweets, much less chocolate, as they can intoxicate the animal. If you need to feed your pet a special treat, Giacomín recommends “lady fingers” from its pastry shop.

Protecting Your Pets From Deadly Cane Toads

Cane toads are a fact of life here in Costa Rica. Pets are intrigued by the toads and naturally want to play with them,
including taking the toads into their mouths. Cane toads are poisonous at all stages of their life cycle, including as eggs and tadpoles.
The venom is secreted and possibly squirted when the animal is roughly handled or feels threatened. To have an effect,
the venom needs to be swallowed or absorbed through mucous membranes such as those of the eye, nose or mouth.
Cane toads can squirt poison up to two meters. If your pet mouths a cane toad, it is vital that you remove all trace
of the poison from its teeth, gums and facial area. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the toxin. Wipe your pet’s eyes as well.
Your pet’s throat may be closed by the toxin from the toad. It is very important that you do not force any liquids down
your pet’s throat. When your pet is unable to swallow the liquid, it may be forced into your pet’s airway instead,
filling his/her lungs with fluid. This is life-threatening to your pet.
More information bellow.

Pet Sitters in Costa Rica’s Jaco Area

Pet owner to travel and need assistance? Pet Sitters in Costa Rica’s Central pacific Jaco Area
If you plan to travel in Costa Rica or out of the country and need help with your pet in the Jaco area here’s a few recommendations.
Every year there are a growing number of animal owners in our Jaco community. If your planning on travelling in Costa Rica
or abroad and looking for a pet sitter, here are some recommendations:
Doris Schluckebier offers boarding of dogs at her place. The dogs have to be friendly with both dogs and cats,
as they are kept free together with Doris’s own pets. Doris walks them every day on the beach, and she will also
attend to any special needs, if necessary. The dogs love it there, and it sometimes happens that they don’t want
to leave when they get picked up…
– Mark Jackson is a big time animal lover who has offered both house and animal sitting for the last 4 years,
to all those who prefer the full “pet and home security service”. He also offers a daily walking service to those who are not
– Karen Anniballi graduated as a veterinary assistant with experience in volunteering in different projects and shelters in the USA.
She offers professional pet care: morning and/or evening feedings; half hour walks as many times as needed; clean yard and litter box
medication administration if necessary; gentle basic obedience training; all this with daily emails and pictures to you.
Karen can also provide boarding to cats, puppies and exotics in their own living quarters. You can contact Karen via email at:




Dog Friendly Vacations In Costa Rica

There are 137 dog friendly cities in Costa Rica.

Use the links below to get the scoop on the best pet friendly hotels,

dog parks, beaches, outdoor restaurants and other places to bring Fido in each city.

Dangerous Creatures

In reality, most wild animals, even the scary ones, are in fact more afraid of us then we are of them.

They have every reason to be. We step on them, sit on them, run them over in our cars

and spray them with chemicals. Here is my personal guide on how to enjoy “dangerous” animals

up close without upsetting them to the point where they are obliged to defend themselves or their young.

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