Painting On Everything‏

At Lands in love we paint flowers on everything: floor, shirts, closets, candels, glasses, plates, placemates, towels, bags, walls, chairs, lamps, carpets, tables and more and more. You are invited to enjoy the beauty.
We also paint by order, all the incomes are for saving animal life.

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Happy Life For Animals

Abandoned and abused dogs found a nice and cozy home at ” Lands in love” – animal rescue center and pet hotel

“Pretty Things” All profits go to our Animal Rescue Center

At Lands in love we have a beautiful second and first hand store called “pretty things”.
Everything from socks, hats, sleeping bags and magazines to beautiful designers clothes.
All the incomes are in favor of our animal rescue center.

The Mediterranean Tortilla – Animal Free

The latest addition to our menu is the Mediterranean Tortilla. A homemade tortilla fried in a little oil covered with tahini, ground meat, chopped tomato & parsley and a sprinkle of spicy green sauce – all vegan.
This plate is one more winner just like the happy hamburger, lafa wrap, spaghetti Bolognese, lasagna, Mexican taco, Pad thai, cheese steak, steak sandwich, humus & falafel, grill sandwich and much more  – all vegetarian / vegan.

A Happy Hamburger – Animal Free

3 onions
1 sticks of butter – salted
3 cloves of garlic
250 gr of dried soy ground meat soaked in water so it is only dump and will not lose it’s meaty texture.
Various meat and steak spicing: McCormick meat seasoning, Badia steak seasoning, cumin, McCormick Montréal steak and garlic chicken etc.
4 table spoon of BBQ sauce (Heinz, Hunts or other)
4 table spoon of pizza sauce
4 table spoon of soy sauce (use Kikkoman)

In a big pan fry the onion and garlic in butter. when the onion is golden add the soy sauce and various spices and mix it, then add the soy meat, mix and taste. According to your taste, add more spices, add the BBQ and pizza sauce.

When the mixture fits your taste, add ½ cup of flower & 6 eggs. Form the shape with jar top like a peanut butter top that is more or less in the size of a hamburger. Put a sandwich bag on it and fill it with the mixture, then take it out of the top with the sandwich bag and fry in a pan with approximately 2 cm of oil in both sides.

Pet Travel in Costa Rica

Are you planning to bring your pets to Costa Rica? Of course you are! They’re a part of your family.
Read all of this first to make sure you do it correctly. As these rules are constantly changing, it’s a good idea to contact Animal Frontier, a moving advisor or a relocation specialist no less than two months before your move.! These guys almost always have the most current information.

Quarantine and info on cats and dogs
Dogs and cats are not quarantined upon entrance to Costa Rica. With the proper paperwork, you will walk right through customs and immigration with them. For your paperwork, you will need a certificate from your vet. This certificate MUST be in the format required by the US Dept of Agriculture. Your vet should know all about this. If your vet does not, get a new vet to do this form for you. Without the correct paperwork, your pets may not be allowed to enter the country. Continue reading »